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Closet Organizers Make the Difference

Clothing rods, shelves and drawers can hold most of your clothing in your new custom closet. What about all of your accessories, though? You’ve probably noticed that draping ties and belts over your closet rod is likely to lead to a big mess on the floor. Jewelry can get tangled if not stored properly, and if you’re tripping over the shoes on your closet floor, you are not alone! Just as accessories can make the man (or woman), our closet organizers can make the difference between a cluttered closet and a streamlined storage solution.

We’ve Got the Closet Accessories You Need!

We can create a customized closet that is ready to store everything that you want to keep organized. Some of our closet accessories include:

  • Valet Rods: Set aside your outfit the night before, and it will be crisp and ready when you are!

  • Shoe Racks: We will help you house your shoe collection to prevent damage to your footwear.

  • Tie Racks: If you or your partner wear ties, you need a way to keep those slippery neckpieces in neat, tidy and pressed condition.

  • Belt Racks: Avoid letting bends and fold marks put a crimp in your belt’s style with a belt rack.

  • Jewelry Organizer: Velvet- and satin-lined jewelry trays will keep your precious and costume jewelry organized and safe from damage and theft.

Call us to learn more about our closet accessories. Our team of designers and installers are among the best closet organizers in Tampa, and your consultation is absolutely free! You have nothing to lose, so contact us today.