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Do you struggle with keeping your home “company ready”? Are your weekends filled with catching up on organizational chores that you wish could be squeezed in during the workweek, leaving you time to go to the beach, dine with friends or otherwise enjoy the beauty of Pinellas County? If so, Affordable Closet Concepts can help. With our lines of custom closets, kitchen pantries, garage organizers, custom home offices and more, we can make sure that you have a place to keep every item in your home. Once everything has a place, you’ll find that keeping up with excellent home organization is a breeze!

Pinellas County Custom Closets and More

Pinellas area homes often don’t have basements, so making the most of every inch is necessary if you want to have a tidy, well-organized home. Take a look at some of the organization systems we can create, build and install in your home.

  • Custom Closets: If the closets in your home are overrun with clutter, you’re not alone. We can help you by creating custom storage solutions for your walk-in closets, kids’ closets and reach-in closets. These storage areas have never looked as great as they will after we build a completely customized organization system!

  • Closet Accessories: You store more than just clothing in your closet, so we have storage options for all of your accessories, too. These include shoe racks, jewelry trays, tie racks, belt hooks, and more. We also have a variety of shelves, drawers, and bins.

  • Custom Garage: From ceiling to floor, we can help you customize and optimize your garage. No more will you have to contend with haphazard piles. Store your sports equipment, gardening supplies, tools and even your car neatly inside of your garage.

  • Custom Home Office: Your home office is an area that must be organized well in order to save you time and help you make more money. Let us create the perfect home office organization system for you with shelves, cabinets, and a customized workspace.

  • Custom Kitchen and Pantry: A disorganized kitchen can lead to a disorganized home. Often called the heart of the home, organization can begin and end in the kitchen. We have the tools you need in your kitchen and pantry to keep everything in well-ordered condition.

  • Custom Laundry and Utility: Do you want to spend less time in your laundry room? Even if you like doing the laundry, it’s common to want to get the task over with as quickly as possible. A custom laundry or utility room in your Pinellas County home will get you in and out of the area quickly and efficiently.

  • Murphy Beds: A wall bed gives you a place to accommodate all of your overnight guests, visiting adult children, and others who come to your home. Free up a guest room or make an impromptu guest bed in the library, den or playroom. A Murphy bed will let your space do double-duty, and gives you extra storage space, too.

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