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Would you describe your home as well-organized? Many people have places in the home that are well-organized, as well as those that could use a bit of help. The problem with disorganization, even if it’s hidden behind closed doors, is that is can negatively impact your routines and the way you feel about your home. Also, mess tends to spread! A messy closet can easily lead to a messy bedroom, which can reduce the quality of sleep you’re getting and mess with your mornings. At Affordable Closet Concepts, we can build you the home organization systems you need in your Polk County home.

Custom Closets, Garage, Kitchen, Home Office and More!

While our company name indicates that we customize closets, our services do not end there. Because each of our custom storage areas is built to the specifications of each client, we can design an organization system for any part of your home, from the tiniest closet to your large garage. Here are some of the ways we can bring organization and order to your home.

  • Custom Closets: Disorganized closets can cause distress in various areas of your life. If your morning routines are running less-than-smoothly or you’re having a hard time getting yourself and the rest of your family out the door on time, a custom closet makeover can make a big difference. At Affordable Closet Concepts, we can customize any closet, from the smallest reach-in closet, to your kids’ closets, to your sprawling master bedroom walk-in closet. Our products are high-quality and easy to maintain to make your life simpler.

  • Closet Accessories: In addition to housing clothing, your closets must hold a variety of your accessories. That’s why our closet organizers are an integral part of any custom closet. We have shoe racks, jewelry trays, tie and belt racks, special hangers, and more.

  • Custom Garage: If you’re having trouble fitting your car in the garage, you’re not alone. Many homeowners find that over the years, tires, tools, car parts, garden supplies, sports equipment and other items take up more and more space in their garages. The problem is often that precious floor space becomes cluttered when good organization systems are not in place. We can install overhead and wall-panel storage in your garage to help you keep all of your belongings in good order (and find space to park the car, too!).

  • Home Office: Is your home office cluttered with files, books, office supplies and random items that might not even belong in that room? If you work from home, being productive is the key to being successful. Having clutter and disorganization can lead to wasting time and being unproductive while at work. We can help you take control of your home office with home office cabinets, drawers, shelves and other organizers.

  • Kitchen & Pantry: The kitchen is often called “the heart of the home.” If yours is not a welcoming place to prepare meals and unwind with your family members, disorganization might be to blame. This isn’t your fault; many Polk County kitchens do not have enough well-organized storage space. We can help with a variety of kitchen organizers, including pull-out pantry shelves. Let us help you fall back in love with your kitchen.

  • Laundry Room: Laundry is one of those chores that everyone has to deal with. In a perfect world, however, it would be a simple task that didn’t take up much time. With the help of Affordable Closet Concepts, this ideal can be your reality. With laundry room cabinets, shelving, drawer, and more, we can turn your laundry room into the utility area of your dreams. The only thing we can’t do is wash your laundry for you!

  • Murphy Bed: Have you ever wished for a dedicated guest room? If you are uncomfortable having visitors spend the night due to a lack of comfortable accommodations, that can change. We can install a beautiful and functional Murphy bed, which is a bed that folds down from the wall. During the day, you’ll benefit from the extra storage, and at night when you have guests, simply pull down the bed and you will have a place for them to sleep that rivals any hotel bed. Say goodbye to lumpy sofa beds and awkward air mattresses forever!

Free Custom Closet Consultation in Polk County and Surrounding Areas

If you are ready to say goodbye to clutter and disorganization, now’s the time to call Affordable Closet Concepts. We will come to your Polk County home and show you exactly how we can help you organize your most challenging areas. Whether you are in the market for a custom closet, a custom garage, or any other well-organized room or storage area, we are ready to help. Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation!