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Storing Chemicals and Cleaners Safely

Chemicals and Cleaners

If you have young children, then you have probably childproofed your home, storing cleansers and chemicals out of their reach. Read on for some valuable tips on how to store chemicals and cleaners safely:

Creating a Custom Linen Closet

Custom Linen Closet Organizer

Most Linen closets are in a bathroom or in an adjacent hallway, but what about those that have no linen closet built in at all? If you are in this situation, here is a way to make some space that you didn't think you had:

How to Organize Your Odd-Shaped Closet

Odd Shaped Closet

Depending on the style of your home and when the home was built, you might have the problem of odd-shaped closets. Here are some tips on making the most of every inch, even in an odd-shaped closet: