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Custom Garage Cabinets to Tame and Organize Your Garage

Custom Garage Cabinets to Tame and Organize Your Garage

So, it’s summer in Southwest Florida. While much of the country finds summer to be the perfect time to tackle outdoor and garage organization projects of all types, those in the Tampa area know that the months of July and August (and September) are best suited for staying indoors and conserving your energy whenever possible.

Still, life must go on, and that includes getting your garage organized. High-quality garage cabinets are one way to make the garage look great and function efficiently as an organized storage area.

Why Do You Need Garage Organizers?

Not sure you want to spend the time and effort necessary to get your garage organized? Here are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider:

  • You’re having an outdoor party. You life in Florida. If your party is taking place at an hour that has “pm” after the time, and it’s between the months of May and September, it’s probably going to rain. An organized garage offers you approximately 400 square feet of space, and if you run a central airline into the garage, you can even hang out in comfort.

  • You don’t want your car totaled in a hailstorm. Tampa’s powerful thunderstorms can sometimes cause hail. Did you know that hail can total a car? Park yours in the garage, not in your driveway. If you don’t have room to park your cars under cover, garage cabinets will help you store your stuff off the floor.

  • Your kids want to access their skateboards, bicycles and roller skates, and you don’t want them crushed in an avalanche of garage clutter. You might know exactly where your things are, but if you’re not willing to let your eight-year-old go to the garage and grab his bicycle helmet for fear that a bowling ball, garden rake or tennis racquet will knock him unconscious, you’ve got some organizing to do.

  • You try to sneak out of the garage before the neighbors wake up. Why? Because you’re embarrassed to have them see inside of your cluttered garage. It would be so much easier and more pleasant to just get it organized, wouldn’t it?

Garage Cabinet Features to Look For

If you’ve decided that you do need to get your Tampa garage organized, garage cabinets can go a long way toward helping you achieve your goal. What you want are wall-mounted garage cabinets; these help keep the floor space open for whatever you want to do with the space.

Some features to look for when it comes to garage cabinets include:

  • Versatility. You don’t want cabinets that come in a particular configuration and that’s that. This is your garage, and you’re going to want to use it in a certain way. There’s no reason why you should not be able to have the cabinets placed up high or down low (or both), or that you should be able to choose between full-length cabinets, shorter overhead cabinets, cabinets with hinged doors, sliding doors, no doors, or any other variation.

  • Durability. Look for thick shelves that can carry heavy loads. Low-maintenance finishes are great for humid Tampa; you want to just be able to wipe down the cabinet fronts and shelves occasionally without worrying that you’ll damage moisture-sensitive wood. Also, you don’t want shoddy materials buckling or warping due to the high temperatures and high moisture levels in the air.

  • Attractiveness. Sure, it’s the garage, but if you’re going to invest in organizers, they should look great. Remember that pang of humiliation you’re saying goodbye to? Replace it with a glow of pride as you show off your beautiful cabinetry! Look for cabinets that reflect your sense of what looks great, whether that’s a rustic look, a streamlined appearance, or a modern style.

  • Details. Hidden hinges make it easier for you to avoid snagging your clothing on your cabinets. Locking doors can keep your items safe in the event that someone breaks into your garage (or you leave it open while you’re in the house or in the backyard). Stainless steel hardware resists rusting and pitting. Look for these details when you consider different types of garage cabinets.

Garage Organizers to Combine With Your Cabinets

Your new garage cabinets will go a long way toward helping you get your garage organized, but they’re not the only tool at your disposal! Here are some other garage organizers that you can use to whip your messy garage into shape.

  • Overhead racks. You probably have some items in your garage that you don’t need to access very often. Maybe they include children’s clothing that are waiting to be grown into or holiday decorations. Ceiling racks keep these bins out of the way and accessible when you need to get to them.

  • Wall panels. You might want some of your items out in the open, rather than in garage cabinets. Wall panels such as gridwall and slatwall allow you to stick hooks, bins and other accessories right on the wall. Use these accessories to hold your brooms, shovels, rakes, screws, nails... you get the idea.

  • Workbench. Part of your garage cabinet configuration might include a workbench. This is a worktop that can get messier than you’d want to get your dining room table. If you’re working on a project that is best suited for the garage, your workbench is the place where it should happen.

  • Garage flooring. While not an organizational product, exactly, an epoxy garage floor looks great and prevents staining, pitting and slipping. These are stain-resistant, unlike the concrete floor you probably have now. If you’re thinking about getting new garage flooring, you should get it done when you have your other organizers installed to save time and hassle.

By now you should be pretty excited about the prospect of getting your garage whipped into shape. Consider the different types of garage cabinets available, then choose your other accessories and go from there. By the time the kids are going back to school, you might have your own high-quality, well-organized garage to pull into at the end of the day.

Call Affordable Closet Concepts today to learn more about whether a Tampa garage organization system is right for you.

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