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Custom Closet Organizers for Women and Men | Affordable Closet Concepts

Custom Closet Organizers for Women and Men | Affordable Closet Concepts

custom closet organizers

Having a happy and successful relationship involves a lot of coordination and effort between both parties so that you can grow together. This applies to everything from paying the bills, handling the kids, and even sharing the closet space. Why is organizing your custom closet so important? Consider how negative momentum can build up throughout the week if you haven’t significantly organized your space to the best of your capabilities.


The usual situation is that one person is less organized than the other, and then becomes frustrated because that they cannot find the right sock or tie, so they are wasting their time. Through their frustration, they further mess up their closets organization, and wake up their spouse. This can lead to an argument, which ends in someone storming out of the house, angry, and without breakfast. It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand how that momentum will lead to ruining the rest of the week.


On the other hand, if you have done your due diligence in regards to your home organization, especially the custom closet, then your life moves smoother, which results in more time for you to spend loving your significant other. Instead of “unexpectedly” spending 20 minutes looking for a matching sock, now that time can be spent reading the morning newspaper(aka tablet) while brewing coffee and cooking breakfast for you and your spouse. You might even want to get a quick workout in as well!


Want 4 more reasons why custom closet systems and design are a good idea? Check out the article by Closet Gallery from Folsom here..


In this blog post we will highlight some of the custom closet accessories for both women and men that will help your to create a space of full organization which will save you 20 minutes a day and more than a few headaches throughout your life.


Custom Closet Accessories For Men and Women

Custom Shelves and Cabinets:

Custom closet shelves and cabinets are an accessory that will benefit both sexes equally within a custom closet. If you have a walk-in closet you may be able to install more than one set of cabinets and shelves to suit your preferences. Shelves are great for storing foldables such as underwear and socks, and cabinets are a great place to hang up suit tops and other articles of clothing that you need to keep cleaner. These custom organizers don’t only provide physical storage, but these custom organizers can also help you mentally section your wardrobe so your morning routines flow congruently as you get ready.


Shoe Racks:

For some of us, if we were to install a shoe rack for every pair of shoes that we have, it would take up the entire closet. If you do decide that you have the space for a shoe rack or two, then consider only putting your highest quality shoes on the rack so that you look at them every day and feel stylish because of it. A shoe rack is the premium organizer for your shoes, but be sure not to overstuff your shoe rack or else it will seem cluttered and make you feel stuffed as a result.


Jewelry Drawers and Fold Out Mirrors: 

If you could walk into your closet and walk out fully dressed, looking stunning and confident, would you? With the addition of a custom jewelry drawer and a fold out mirror, you will be able to do just that. No more running back and forth to and from the closet, dresser, and then bathroom mirror just to see how a pair of earrings look with your outfit. By using a jewelry drawer with a fold out mirror you will save multiple minutes every day during your morning routine.



Pants Rack: 

In order to get the most out of your daily routines, it is optimal to iron your pants and tops all before hand and set up your outfits for the week. By using a pants rack, you will keep the creases crisp and everything in order so that it’s just a grab and go action while you are getting ready. A professional organizer would most likely recommend that you install your pants rack near the cabinets that you are storing your suit tops for further efficiency and organization.


Tie Racks:

Second to socks, ties can get misplaced and wrinkled a lot. By installing your tie rack on the inside of the same cabinet, you will further your efficiency another step and continue to make your morning routine easier and easier.


Fold Out Ironing Board:

There is something about a fresh crease running down your pants and shirt that makes you feel extra confidence when you take on the world. By storing a foldable ironing board in your custom closet, you will allow yourself the freedom for quick ironing when necessary. The installation of an ironing board will also allow for you to iron all of your clothing within your closet and then immediately hanging them up  in their appropriate spot. That's a fresh as it gets!

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