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If you are having some trouble with closet organizers, garage systems or home organization within your Land O' Lakes home? Does the condition of your children’s bedrooms just make you want to shut their doors? Parents have been battling with their kids to keep their bedrooms clean for generations. What is it about kids that make it seem impossible to keep their rooms neat and tidy?

Part of it is that closets and other storage areas are often not designed for children or other people in general. Kids are not simply adults in smaller bodies; they are more impulsive and sentimental, and more easily ruled by their likes and dislikes. It can be very difficult for a child, particularly a small one, to keep a good handle on clutter. That’s where we come in. At Affordable Closet Concepts, we know how to build custom closets that keep kids organized. 


Rather than simply scaling down our walk-in closets and installing diminutive systems in your smaller closets, we actively work with your family, including your kids, to come up with a customized closet design that will work. In order for your child to use his or her closet, it simply has to appeal and be simple and easy to use. We do this in a variety of ways: 

When your child finds using his or her closet to be fun, simple and appealing, the system is more likely to be used, making everyone happy. The bedroom will stay neater and you’ll have less nagging, threatening and cajoling to do!


One of the best things about an Affordable Closet Concepts storage system is that it can grow along with your child. Our products are able to be tweaked so that the system built for your toddler can still work for your teen.

Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation for kids’ closets in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We’d love to show you the difference that customized children’s closets can make in your home!